Controlling The Odor Of A Marijuana Grow


Odor control is a necessary part of being a successful marijuana grower. There are multitudes of products on the market today - air fresheners & sprays, carpet granules & deoderizors, scented candles, incense, odor absorbers and odor removers. Also available are air cleaners, with or without ionizers, potpourris, activated charcoal products, and odor - absorbing kitty litters, to name a few.

For continuous freshening, air fresheners are cheap and plentiful. They come in assorted scents, and may be hung all over the house. Incense and potpourri are cheap and stronger - scented - these will mask most odors. Scented candles are good for long - term or continuous odor masking.

For unexpected company, spray air fresheners are good for fast, immediate, although temporary, masking of unwanted odors. Other similar products are disinfectant/deoderizor sprays, which remove odors instead of masking them.

Fabric softener sheets are a good source of 24/7 odor control also - they can be laid in a windowsill or hung in inconspicuous places around the home. These are also good when tucked into vacuum - cleaner bags.

Carpet granules are good to use daily, but they must be vacuumed up immediately. Carpet powders may be sprinkled onto the carpet and left for several days, as they are not obvious on the lighter - colored carpets. A container of kitty litter is very effective - it must be stirred several times a day to release the fragrance. Activated charcoal may be used in the same manner. Pet deoderizers are cheap and plentiful, and very effective.

On the more expensive side and for good, continuous odor control, room - size air cleaners are nice for small growrooms, while huge, multiple - room - size units may be purchased for total in - house management. Some of these units have built - in ionizers. These products also have filters which must be replaced routinely in order to continue to be effective.

Ozone cleaners are also available, although they must be run intermittently and are somewhat dangerous. Carbon - scrubbers are the most effective, although the carbon must be changed routinely to maintain clean air. The price for scrubbers varies widely, from a simple home - made unit to an expensive, deluxe model.

Growing indoor flowering plants, or fragrant herbs such as lemon sage or castor beans, works very well, especially when placed in sunny spots to promote the spread of the scents of these plants.

Good emergency "fixes" are cleaning products - bleach, pine cleaner, window cleaner, and furniture wax have strong odors that will cover other scents. Simmering onions or garlic is very effective. Strongly - scented soaps or colognes and perfumes work instant wonders. As do cigarettes or fragrant cigars.

Sprays and powders cost little, but frequent use will increase the overall cost, while the room or house - sized units have a higher initial cash outlay, but are long - lasting and very effective.
There is odor control available for every grower.