Curing the Marijuana Plant


You will need: clean, dry jars and lids

Marijuana Curing is the long-term drying and storage of your marijuana buds after harvest. Curing is preferred by connoisers, as it greatly smoothes the smoke and increases the potency and the taste of your marijuana plant harvest.

The method of choice for curing marijuana buds is by using glass containers, as glass does not retain and absorb the THC from the dried buds, as paper or plastic does.

Wide-mouthed canning jars with the rubber seals and metal rings are by far the best choice, for curing and storage. These may be obtained at a large variety of department stores or hardware stores.

If these are impractical for you, then wide-mouth quart mayonnaise jars, or glass jelly jars, pickle and relish jars, etc., may be used. These can be gathered right from your own home, or ask friends and neighbors for their empty ones.

Make sure your jars and lids are very clean and very dry before you use them for curing, as water droplets are enough to cause mold, which will ruin your buds.

After drying, fill the jars loosely with the dried bud, and tighten the lids until snug. Do not pack the buds into the jars - use extra jars if needed. Keep the extra buds in closed paper bags until more jars are obtained.

Place the jars in a cool, dark, dry place. Take them out daily and remove the lids for an hour or two, turning the jars so that the buds are repositioned inside, then replace the lids and put them back into the storage space.

Place the jars in a container - a box or laundry basket - for ease of moving and handling, if you have more than you can easily carry in your hands.

The standard accepted curing time is 2 weeks. Some will cure the buds from the harvested marijuana plant for only a week or so before closing the jars for long-term storage. Others will open the jars daily and rotate the buds inside, for a month or more.

To find your personal preference, taste-test your curing buds weekly. This will determine the point at which you are satisfied with your harvest.

Once your buds are cured to your preference, vacuum-seal the jars, or tighten the lids, and place them in your cool, dark, long-term storage place