Fertilizing The Marijuana Plant


Fertilizing the marijuana plant is different than feeding it. Feeding provides it with basic nutrients needed in order for it to live, while fertilizers make it grow bountifully and give consistently high yields.

Fertilizers are basically of two kinds - chemical or organic. Fertilizers can be something as subtle as all - purpose plant food.

Mulches can be mixed into the soil or scattered carefully on top of the plant, or mixed into the soil.

Manures (animal droppings) are a rich source of fertilizer. Among the favorites are cow manure, horse manure, bat guano, rabbit droppings, and worm castings.

These are strong and can burn the plants, so they must be well - mixed with soil and placed deep into, or at the bottom of, the container or hole the marijuana plant is in.

Dolomite lime is a long - time farmers` favorite. Lime is essential to maintaining the proper soil pH.

Seaweed, or kelp, is becoming increasingly popular as an inexpensive, very effective fertilizer.

Blood meal and bone meal are very popular fertilizers. These enhance both foliage and flowers, which result in higher yields.

Commercial gardening fertilizers come in different ratios of N-P-K. Used at different stages of growth, these will make the plant grow stronger and sturdier, as well as more productive.

Bloom boosters are a long - time favorite of the marijuana grower, as these produce more and bigger flowers and budsites.

Epsom salts are very inexpensive to buy and easy to use, also very effective, as are dried coffee grounds and eggshells.

An occasional inspection of your plants, and the use of the proper fertilizers, will give you a great marijuana grow.