Getting The Most Out of Your Marijuana

There are many ways to enjoy the fruits of your marijuana plant, and more are being developed daily.

Smoking - or toking or burning one - is by far the most common method. It is the fastest and easiest way to benefit, with the fastest results. This allows the smoker to enjoy the full taste and smell of the marijuana strain available to the user.

Papers are small and easy to carry, as is a few grams of marijuana. Pipes are also small and easy to carry. Joints may be rolled in advance and put into a cigarette pack or case, or the marijuana may be kept in a baggie for pipe use.

Joints may be rolled in sizes anywhere from small and thin, to a thumb-sized "phattie" or "blunt". Pipes range in size from the one - hit bowl, to several grams. These methods allow the smoker to control the amount of marijuana smoked each time.

Additional smoking methods are the popular water pipe and/or bong. These are very popular for a group smoke, and/or at parties or other gatherings where many people share the marijuana. Filtering the marijuana smoke through water gives the smoker a smoother, less harsh smoking experience.

A newer, popular method is in using a vaporizer. These come in a variety of sizes and prices, and are mainly used by medical marijuana patients who cannot tolerate the effects of smoking a joint. A vaporizer delivers a smoother, more pleasant - tasing smoke, and is easier on the lungs.

Marijuana used in cooking is an increasingly popular method of ingestion, as today`s society is more health-conscious than ever before, and prefer to enjoy the effects of the marijuana without the dangers of smoking.

Recipes are made with food and drinks, and also with butter or oil made from the harvested marijuana plant by-products. Tincture - very potent and very effective - may also be made with the leaves and stems. Tincture may be taken by itself or added to foods and drinks, or used in recipes.

In order to discover the method that satisfies you best, and meets your individual needs, experimentation is in order. Marijuana may be enjoyed by the joint or bong, inhaled straight or filtered, in the drink or dessert, or mixed into everything from soup to nuts