Marijuana In Today`s Society

More and more people of all ages and social backgrounds are turning to marijuana today. The reasons are as involved and as complex as the drug itself.

Todays society has a new standard of living - highly stressful and demanding. Our home lives are much more complicated - with computers chirping and cell phones buzzing, it is hard to find the time or the energy to just relax and enjoy the moment.

Jobs are increasing high - tech and complex. Multi - tasking is the norm in today`s workplace. Computers and other technological wonders take up much of our time, leaving us in a continually stressful state of mind.

Even our children are affected today. Computer games, cell phones, and pagers keep our youth busier than ever before - not a physically stressful lifestyle, but mentally stressful. The perpetual need to maintain contact with a multitude of online and offline friends is indeed time - consuming, leaving little time to enjoy the company of family members and real - time friends. Homework and chores are often left behind on the communication superhighway that we travel nowadays.

Marijuana is rapidly replacing pharmaceuticals as today`s drug of choice. Many people, both young and old, are worn down by the enormous challenges of living today`s lifestyle. And while the drug market of 10 and 20 years ago was flooded with anti - depressants, nerve pills, and anti - anxiety agents, more and more people of today are finding that a simple marijuana cigarette works wonders on the central nervous system.

Marijuana is more commonplace than pills, easier to find, relatively inexpensive to buy, and needs no doctors`s prescription. A single marijuana cigarette will calm, stabilize, and focus even the most harried employee. Marijuana smoking - and the eating of marijuana snacks - is increasingly commonplace in the workplace - from the word processors`` cubicle, to the mailboys` cart, to the boss` desk drawer.

It is also a well - known fact that marijuana has less overall side effects than most prescription drugs. This fact alone is encouraging the population of today to put down the pill bottle and pick up a joint. Stress is reduced, work output is increased - all by the help of an abundant, although mostly illegal, plant.

Marijuana, although socially yet unrecognized as such, is the new miracle drug.