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New Purple Power Marijuana Seeds


New Purple Power Its anchestors are 'Hollands Hoop' crossed with the famous Skunk 1.


A powerful High Sativa Outdoor, clear high for daily enjoyment.


Mostly Sativa.

  • Early Flowering
  • Outside cultivation
  • Flowering time 8 weeks


The New Purple Power is a revolution in the Outdoor seeds. The beautiful Purple color and taste of this amazing plant speaks for itself. You have to taste it yourself before you can judge about this plant.

After a few weeks of flowering the buds turn purple and you can watch the whole circle happening to harvest time. You'll really enjoy the formation of the purple glow once it start happening. Amaze your friends with this one of a kind special plant.

A must have for any grower! it's very stable plant that even grows good in Holland with pretty cold weather conditions. Even Indoor this plant does grow perfectly.


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The quality is outstanding and we Guaranty you that you get the best seeds you deserve.

The normal Catalogue Price for 10 Seeds: Euro 35.-

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10 seeds for Euro 25.-

(1 Euro = $1.14 USD)

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PS. There are many seed bank scams around on the Internet and it's getting harder to find a good supplier of top quality seeds. We deliver top quality seeds because we select only the best breeders in the country and not only those that are expensive. We're continuously searching for new breeders and if we find a new one we test out the seeds before we sell them to our customers.

We'll help you personally to succeed. Our promise to you!!

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