The Vegetative Stage Of A Marijuana Plant

Once the seedling has thrust its head through the soil, it enters into the vegetative stage of growth. Vegetation simply means to be growing.

The vegetative stage is the brief time in which the marijuana plant will be growing as fast as it possibly can. Photosynthesis begins immediately. This is the period in which the plant will develop its height, stem thickness and side branching, and during this time it will also develop its future bud sites.

This is a period of great natural stress for the plants, so care must be taken to maintain the proper temperature and humidity level, as well as providing sufficient water, along with the nutrients needed to obtain maximum development.

Transplanting is done during this period, so it is a good idea to do this as few times as possible, as each transplant shocks the plant and stunts its growth for a few days. The plant needs to be handled gently during each transplant. Some growers will let it finish the day in darkness in order to recover, others will maintain the normal light schedule.

Overwatering or underwatering also shocks the plant, forcing growth to a halt for a brief time, so be sure and check your plant often and make sure it is getting enough water, but take care not to give it too much.

Lighting is mandatory for good vegetative growth. It is important to prevent sudden blackouts, too many hours of unexpected daylight, or light leaks, as these problems will cause the plant to turn "hermie" - to become a hermaphrodite.

The rule of thumb is that standard potting soil will provide adquate nutrients for the first 2 - 3 weeks. After that, the plants need to be observed frequently to spot symptoms of nutrient deficiency, and treated immediately if this problem is found.

Marijuana will remain in a vegetative state until the lights are switched - this is often called "flipping". When the plant is determined to be ready for flower, or if time and space are of great concern, then the plant is ready to go to flowering.