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Growing Marijuana Tips and Tricks for the Homegrower and the Outdoor Marijuana rower. This page will list grow reports and other useful stuff to help you with your growing marijuana questions. How to grow marijuana with minimum supplies. Let us give you the heads up of the secret cultivation of marijuana

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The following Info will explain you how to get started even if you know nothing about growing marijuana.

What you need to know about growing marijuana indoors

Marijuana Seeds: Start with 5 or 10 seeds and you will likely get a few females. But what if you got only one…female?. It’s possible to take cuttings from a mother plant (cloning) ~ Now you can have as many Female plants as you have space for.

Germinating of your marijuana Seeds

Here below you will see the paper towel method and the glass with water method. Both will work good to germinate your seeds.

Transplanting the seedlings

Put the seeds in the soil about 1/4″ down. Water well and put a sheet of plastic over the top until the sprouts pop through. Take the plastic off when you see them starting to come up. One seed per pot.If possible keep room tempeture above 18c.

Just before they come-up put the seeds under a light so they can find their way up. The fluorescent lights that you hung should be about 4″ above the seedlings and when they are a few inches tall you can lower it to 2″ above. Suspend your light by rope or chains so that you can lower and raise them easily. Seeds usually take from one day to two weeks to sprout. Keep the soil wet until they come up. You can leave the lights on all the time or set the timer for 18 hours on and 6 hours off.

Here below you see a good explanation in the video of transplanting the seedling. You have to fast forward to 6:00 minutes of the video.

Items mentioned in the video you can find here below. We have added a link to Amazon where you can buy the product.


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Lights: Incandescent lights are inefficient (especially the screw-in “grow bulb” type) and really not an acceptable option for plant growth. Although they are inexpensive to purchase, their cost of operation makes them the costliest source of light. try to have 50watts per square foot. Remember more light is more Yield in the end… ๐Ÿ™‚

More about using grow lights you can find here


You’ll need a timer for the lights and maybe a moisture meter to check out Humidity…… Hours of light in Grow period 18 light and 6 dark…. You can control when to bring plants into flowering period, Simply change time to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark… For those people who don’t have enough space.. Try to keep it 100% dark if the lights are out… Otherwise you’ll Stress your plants. ๐Ÿ™

Soil: The next thing to consider is soil. Go to the best garden supply store and ask for the best soil they have so you can grow the infamous “tomato” indoors.

Potting soil is good but may be too heavy. Get a bag of potting soil and mix it with equal parts of sand or perlite. Most any potting soil will do but avoid those that have clay in them. Fill up the containers to the top with soil.

Fertiliser is very much important if you want to grow marijuana indoor. For soil Peters 20-20-20 is good. Follow the directions and try not to over-fertilize your plants here. You can put the fertilizer in the water you use to water with. After the seedlings are 3″ tall let the soil dry out on top before you water again. The 2 most common problems are over-fertilising and over-watering for beginners.

Containers: The containers should be anywhere from 1 to 6 gallons,so the rootsystem gets all the space they need. Use big containers if possible. “The bigger the plant the bigger the Container OR The Bigger the container the bigger the plant” Use containers that have holes in the bottom. Pots, get the cheapest pots you can find. Plastic is cheapest but clay is fine also. And use clean Containers.

Air which enables you to breath – This is very Important…. Give your plants constantly Fresh Air…. . A moisture meter for the soil is nice but …

What does all this cost me to start growing marijuana indoor?

I’t shouldn’t be cost you much more than about $150.
If you order our Shiva Shanti II it will give You 15 Seeds for 35$USD

If You have other more specific questions about Growing Let me now and i’ll be happy to receive your Question. ๐Ÿ™‚

“Don’t Drink And Drive But Smoke And Fly”

Regards, Ron / Vic

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