Find Out Where to Buy High Quality Marijuana Seeds

Where can you buy marijuana seeds and cannabis seeds online?

Today there are hundreds or thousands of different variations of marijuana seeds available online. You have strains that are specialised for medical purposes (it helps them reduce pain) but basically you can divide them into two types of strains. Indica & Sativa!

The difference between the two is mostly that Indica has a short flowering (55 days and shorter) time and is grown indoors and sativa strains are typical outdoor strains with a long flowering time, around 90 days and longer. (a tip to remind you to know the difference? Indica = Indoor — Starts both with IN..)

The Indoor marijuana strains have a much higher THC level then the Sativa strains in general. Sativa plants are mellow, layback and gives you a clean high. Indoor or Indica strains are much heavier on the brain and preferred mostly by medical patients and the younger crowd.

Marijuana Seeds for sale

If you want to buy Marijuana seeds then you have a few options. First there are marijuana breeders, those are the ones that breed the seeds. There are literally hundreds of breeders these days and the quality ranges from bad to top quality. You can buy seeds starting from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, it all depends who is selling what.

Some breeders sell cannabis seeds themselves on their websites, but not all of them. Some ship them worldwide and some don’t. There are also Seed-banks that sell many types of seeds of breeders to customers.

What would be the best marijuana strain to grow?

The total strains that are available are even more, thousands of different types are available today, it’s crazy and mind boggling even. How can you find the perfect strain for you to grow if you are starting out? The best thing today is start with a simple and easy type to grow, one that give good buds and is not too expensive. Nirvana is always an easy choice for many as the seed prices are really affordable.

You have also a Choice to grow feminized marijuana seeds
Feminized seeds are special breed so that you don’t have any chances to grow male marijuana plants which you have when you grow from normal seeds.

Here below you can find some of the best marijuana seeds and cannabis seeds available.

We recommend Nirvana seeds as they have been around more then 30 years in Holland and have great range of good seeds starting from just $15.
White Widow Marijuana seeds
The most popular indoor marijuana strain is the white widow strain. These pot seeds are producing an amazing resin on the leaves and pure THC crystals. It’s one of the most potent strain there is available on the market and it’s been an all time favourite by many growers and smokers around the world. The reviews speak for themselves I think.

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