How To Harvest Your Marijuana Plants 6 Times A Year

marijuana harvest*How To Harvest Every Two Months*

Yes it is possible to harvest every 2 month with only 16 female plants and get around 300-350 grams of Yield (some people manage to produce 400 grams!!). 

But you’ll have to make sure everything in your grow room is 100% optimized for growing plants. I remember the time that I started 4 years ago with my first strain (skunk). In the end I had only 125 grams from 20 plants, all leaves where yellow and it wasn’t the best quality to smoke, compare to what I grow now, but still it was lot’s of fun.

First understanding the principles of year round production

The basic strategy of year round production is to understand the plant has two growth cycles. At germination the plant enters into a vegetative state and will be able to use all the continuous light you can give it. This means there is no dark cycle required. The plant will photosynthesis constantly and grow faster than it would outdoors with long evenings. Photosynthesis stops during dark periods and the plant uses sugars produced to build during the evening. This is not a requirement and the plant will grow faster at this stage with continuous photosynthesis (constant light).

Once the plant is 5-15″ tall, it can be forced to start flowering. Moving the plants to 10-13 hour light periods with “uninterrupted” darkness (no bright lights nearby) will force the plant to flower. It will ripen and ready to harvest in 60 days.

What Kind of Pots To Use?
Before you start you should also take a look at what pots, containers are available for you. It depend on what size container/pots is used, but your grow room should be at least 1 square meter for 16 till 35 plants. Their are two good reasons to grow in big containers, – You’ll need only 16 Young seedlings – and you’ll give more space to your root system. Why 16 till 35 plants..!! You can put a max. around to 35 plants under a Professional 400 watt grow light HID. More plants WON’T give you more Yield. Better rule here is The more Light, The more Yield.
To begin you’ll need Young Female Seedlings < from a Female mother plant>. Don’t start to grow out of seeds each time you start , because it will take at least one week before they sprout and you’re  not sure if you have all females. We don’t want to lose valuable time here. So it is necessary to have an extra small place for 1 or 2 (Female) Mother plants.


Now you can take cuttings (cloning) each time from that mother plant, just before finishing your harvest to make sure you can start off immediately with Fresh Young Female Seedlings for your next crop. If you can repeat this process 5 times a year you should be able to harvest around 1.5 kg in one year(that with a 400 watts Bulb), what will be enough to smoke for one person I believe 🙂  Like this we think that growing is save without spending too much energy and still have good results. Your chance of getting caught by police is minimal  because you grow only 16 plants on 1 square meter.


We also have to think of a good place in the house to start growing. If you have to use a existing place in your house to grow in, make sure that you clean it good to avoid having pests later on. “Better would be to make one yourself”.  A small grow room can be built of a wooden or PVC frame and cover this with “White Plastic” for the inside, <because for Reflection> Realise that it has to be totally dark inside you grow room, when your light is off during flowering stage <don’t forget to check this before you plant young seedlings>

One other important detail, Think ahead to any situation that will require outsiders to visit sensitive areas of the house. Repairmen, solicitors, meter readers, neighbours, appraisers, and pets should all be considered as Trouble: KEEP THEM OUT.

Ventilation is very important 

Your grow room needs optimal ventilation. Make one ventilation hole left under for fresh air to Come In. Then on the other upper corner you’ll need an outgoing blower. To create air movement inside your grow room you can use the same Fan that will be used in your computer. Point this little fan blower over the top of your plants, so the leaves won’t get burned. By doing this you can hang your light closer to the top of the plant what will give you bigger buds in the end because they get more light. It’s cheap and it works well.

What Can Go Wrong!!

In those 60 days a lot can go wrong. Problems that we can expect are “overwatering” Too much or not enough fertilizers. You really have to watch “Pests“, or all your efforts could result in little or nothing in return. Mites and Aphids are the worst; white flies, caterpillar and fungus (Bud rot). The fungus is very destructive and spreads quickly. You’ll likely get Bud rot if temperatures are between 60 and 80 degrees and the humidity is high. If you don’t know what to do don’t hesitate to ask, for every problem there is a solution. Check out one of the message boards where you can ask questions to many experienced growers. They are very helpful and happy to help you.

If you use this grow method like we do, it’s possible for you to do it in less then 3 month. All together this would be: 3-7 days of Vegetative Grow, 50-60 days Flowering 7 days Harvesting and Drying. At max. 2 month and 2 weeks for each crop. Hopefully in the future we will all have the magic moment of harvesting your own Buds and smoke it nicely.

Harvesting is the reaping of the bounty, and is the most
enjoyable time you will spend with your garden.

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