Afghan Kush



Afghan Kush Origins

The name Afghan Kush alone is a dead giveaway as to the origins of these seeds. The origins of the Afghan Kush Variety go right back to the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan, home of the Hindu Kush Mountain Range. This strain is hundreds of years old but has been tweaked to perfection in the last century or so. These changes make it the perfect source of hash along with a number of other really, really good things. These seeds were spread all over the world by a Netherlands based company called the White Label Seed Company, who brought this strain to Europe and gave everyone access to it.

Pure Indica Strain Hybride

This strain is home to pure Indica goodness sheathed in resin filled nuggets that are responsible for producing plants that are known for their high yield capacity. Not only that but its capability to take you to an all new high and its relaxing powers makes it the sort of seed that is always high in demand and the go-to choice for anyone, whether it is their first time using something of this nature or they have been at it for a really, really long time.

Very Easy to Grow Indoor or Outdoors

This strain grows extremely well and provides excellent yield with both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The plants are of average height and complete their flowering phase in about 6 to 8 weeks, whereupon you will notice a dramatic increase in the height of the plant. The plant can be easily handled by both first time breeders as well as seasoned breeders and has a tendency to thrive in almost all settings. Its THC levels are not really out there, compared to other varieties, but are more than enough to give you a relaxing buzz that can help with a number of ailments


Where to buy Afghan Kush marijuana seeds?

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