Alien OG


Origins of Alien OG

Who knew that when a native Afghani strain is combined with the one of a kind Tahoe OG Kush, it would create a hybrid that would prove to be this unique and exquisite. Aptly named, the Alien OG Seeds is completely one of a kind variety. Courtesy of its OG Kush background, these seeds have an excellent yield potential as well as the capability to flourish just about all sorts of environmental conditions. Additionally, this variety doesn’t take as long as most cannabis varieties when it comes to completing its flowering phase, courtesy of the Alien Kush lineage this strain belongs to.

Unique Flavor and Taste

The Alien OG is the sort of a plant that thrives and does so really well as a result of both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The plant prefers temperate climate and does give much of a hassle to first time breeders, who, just like seasoned breeders, are able to work with this plant with relative ease. Although it smells insanely like hairspray spritzed all over your face, the aroma of lemon along with floral and spicy undertones is sure to chase away that overpowering hairspray smell sooner than you would believe.

A Creative high with Medical Benefits

The THC levels on this strain are estimated to be relatively high. Yet, instead of knocking the user out for the night, this strain induces a sort of a buzz that stimulates the creative side of that individual. It makes you efficient and thoughtful and at the very same time work as an excellent agent for pain and stress relief, even helping individuals suffering from arthritis, muscle tension and joint pain. These characteristics possessed by the Alien OG makes it the perfect sort of marijuana strain to take in a gathering of friends, especially one where you need to brainstorm new ideas and get a fresher perspective on things you have known for a really long time.

Where to buy Alien OG marijuana seeds?

Seedbank Seeds  Price
10 Fem USD $61

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