Alien Rock Candy

Alien Rock CandyThe name alone for the Alien Rock Candy is enough to let people know that they have something completely one of a kind on their hands. This hybrid, made from the combination of the amazing Tahoe Alien and the Sour Dubble is something that will give one the reprieve they are looking for after a really long day. This weed provide the user with complete body and mind relaxation and seeing how well they do with indoor cultivation, these seeds are not that hard to come by.

The Alien Rock Candy may take a while to take effect on its user, but it goes without saying that the punch it packs is more than enough to make up for the time it takes to set in. With its sweet flavors and a citrusy aroma, this strain is not only good when you need to chill but also quite handy when you are looking for some motivation, physical or otherwise.

While it is quite tame compared to some of the other seeds available, its users are charmed by what these plants has to offer. Some users quite favor its earthy and sweet flavours, while others have commended the citrus and sage aftertaste that lingers behind, making it one of the most in demand seeds.

Where to buy Alien Rock Candy marijuana seeds?

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