Purple Kush

Purple Kush has it’s famous genetics from the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. It’s a very potent medical strain and is loved by many medical users for it’s medical abilities. It has a powerful 20% THC level that throws your pain right out of the closet. For non medical users this strain is also popular. And thew purple flavor stands for uplifting high that last for a long time. Mostly indica so it has a short flowering time with big and dense buds and harvest will be fruitful. All in all a favorite strain of many people.

Where to buy Purple Kush marijuana seeds?

Seedbank Seeds  Price
10 Fem USD $119


Purple Kush grown outdoors

Purple Kush outdoor


Before it was only available as clones for a long time but now the seeds are available for everyone to buy. These Purple Kush feminized seeds from Marijuana-seeds.nl doesn’t look purple on the picture. However they will turn purple after some time at the end of the flowering period.

Purple Kush reviewThe strain comes from California and patients there are very happy with this popular strain.


Here are some of the reviews for the Purple Kush.

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Marijuana-seeds.nl sell them for €89.70 for 10 seeds at this time of writing. That’s around USD $95. Those are feminized seeds. Check here for more info


Purple Kush from CropKingSeeds.com

This strain has become very popular lately. It roots are from California, Oakland. The overal feeling and taste are earthy, grape like and sweet. The overal rating and reviews are high and it’s recommend to grow for your own. Some people’s reactions would include things like that is was one of the beste strains ever smoked. It gives you a great buzz and brightens up your day. And totally understand now why this strain is one of the most popular. All your worries will be washed away. Takes your worries away after 5 puffs.

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Purple Kush Blooming

 Purple Kush seeds
 The seeds are available at CropKing. Feminized seeds and they sell for USD $110 for 10 seeds. A 5 seed pack is also available for $60.


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