Sour Diesel

Sour DieselSour Diesel Seeds are some of the most genetically advanced and modified strains ever.

Sour Diesel (sometimes referred to as Sour D.) is a hybrid of 91 Chemdawg and Northern Light Super Skunk. Sour Diesel has some components of some older Sativa strains as well that help the Sour D. yield a higher amount of product. The precise origin of this strain is a mystery to all, but it is presumed to have originated from NYC Diesel and Sage. Regardless of the origins, Sour D. is premium quality weed and the price tag makes it one of the most expensive ones in the market.

The Sour Diesel plants are a little difficult to grow because the breeder has look out for a number of factors in order to ensure that the plants grow as they are supposed to. Sour D. stretches fairly well with long and loose buds and it will most definitely cause space problems for the breeder if SOG or SCROG methods aren’t used to keep it compact. The plant has spear shaped buds with pink hued pistils. These plants can be very stinky due to the strong diesel-like flavor following the completion of the flowering phase. The plant usually takes 8-10 weeks to complete flowering.

Sour D. weed is one of the best available in the world. It has a lemony-diesel like aroma that isn’t for the faint of heart. One smoke of this will certainly be cerebral and may even cause you to lose your balance. So, if you’re still an amateur, then you might consider buying something a little more subtle. But, if you’re trying to be a daredevil, then make sure you sit down for the first few smokes and let the strain do its thing. After a few puffs, you won’t even remember what pain feels like, we can guarantee it.

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