Black Domina

Black Domina PlantWhat do you get when you combine four of the best cannabis strains in one?

You get nothing short of perfection and that is what Black Domina Seeds are, the best qualities of four very different types of seeds packed into one. The blend of the most desirable qualities of Ortega, Northern Lights, Afghani SA and Hash Plant have enabled the Black Domina to deliver a unique and one of a kind blend. Courtesy of these seeds the Black Domina takes no more than 7 to 9 weeks to produce flowers and can easily be grown indoors by both season cannabis breeders for commercial purposes. It is a seed that can be easily handled by first-time breeders and produce great yield.

The Black Domina is unique in more ways than its breeding alone. Even though it has a real potent skunky smell, its spicy and pepper like aroma more than makes up for in flavor. Add to it the seeds capabilities of leaving you feeling happy, sated and relaxed makes it a crowd favorite in many settings. Some users have also commented on the fact that the Black Domina has been quite useful at making depressed individuals feel elated and make stressed out individuals sleep like a baby at night. What more can one ask for…

Where to buy Black Domina marijuana seeds?

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