Bubba Kush

Bubba KushBubba Kush is a plant whose origin is unknown. Its intense aroma and essence suggests an Afghani origin but it is rumored to be first bred in the state of California.

It is said that back in ’96, an unknown Indica strain was pollinated by a Kush Hybrid that resulted in the formation of Bubba Kush Seeds. However, all of this speculation is speculation alone, since we don’t actually know how these seeds were first produced as it remains genetically ambiguous to date.

These seeds are only used for one thing, giving you a passive night’s sleep. It has a very strong and effective tranquilizing effect and it is highly used by medical institutes and insomniac patients to calm the senses, combat anxiety and it lets you doze off peacefully.

Also used sometimes to relax muscles because of the numbness it creates from the head to the toe.

This strain have a much higher yield rate as compared to some of the other tranquilizing plants. The seeds take about 8-10 weeks of grow to create the earthy, sweet and strong aroma of the plant.

Bubba Kush buds also has a hit of coffee and chocolate which can be tasted when you’re exhaling.

Thus, no matter what you think, one thing is for certain. Growing Bubba Kush this is worth all the trouble.

Where to buy Bubba Kush marijuana seeds?

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