Critical Kush

Critical Kush SeedsCritical Kush, as the name suggests, produces pretty strong and potent weed. These seeds are a genetic combination of two strains OG Kush and Critical Mass. The plant has a THC of 25% that means it is a mean piece of business.

The plants have an aromatic spicy sedative scent which can knock your lights out easily. The strong fragrance of this marijuana will probably fill the whole room with its scent as soon as you take it out of the plastic bag. The moderate dose of CBD makes it a calming smoke and it is perfect to cure insomnia. It can treat stress, spinal pain and muscle spasms up to some extent as well.

These seeds are 40% Indica and 60% Sativa with of yield of 750 gram per meter square. The plant has a pretty thick layer of sparkling crystals and it starts flowering within 50-60 days. They can be grown both indoor and outdoor with a height of 90 cm. It can be a little too heavy and can definitely take its toll if you take too strong of a hit. Critical Kush will leave you with a dry mouth that can be pretty annoying. Never the less, putting up with the negatives is like a walk in the park just to content with the positive side of these amazing seeds.

Where to buy Critical Kush marijuana seeds?

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