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Durban Poison strain

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Durban Poison is a pure sativa plant that was first bred in Durban, a port city of South Africa.

The genetics of this seed are a blend of Skunk Marijuana and some classic African strain of cannabis. The DP seeds are so easy to grow that even someone with absolutely no knowledge of farming can easily read instructions off of a book and produce good quality marijuana.

These seeds can adapt to almost any climatic conditions and they are flawless when grown outdoors. Outdoor environments are still considered the best for these seeds. It is an extremely profitable weed to grow and it doesn’t take too much effort.

The yield isn’t that great. You’ll get an average of 200 grams from this plant. The seeds can usually produce a plant 100-150 centimeters high. But, even without a high yield, growing this plant is almost effortless.

The plant itself is pretty dense and branches grow close to each other. The plant starts flowering within 55-65 days. The TNC percentage is medium but it still serves as a pretty good relaxant. Durban Poison is infamous for its sweet and energetic essence which can certainly uplift your mood. It is perfect to get through the hustle of a busy day.

Where to buy Durban Poison marijuana seeds?

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