Green Crack

Green Crack strainGreen Crack sounds like something high school students would use just to look cool and hip. But, don’t let the subtle name fool you, this weed means some serious business.

Green Crack is a hybrid between the Skunk No.1 and the Isolated Afghani Cut. It was first bred in Athens, GA back in 1970’s. Ever since then, it has gained a huge amount of popularity due to its energizing effect. The euphoria of Green Crack can be compared with drinking 20 Redbulls without even pausing to take a breath. One smoke of this weed and you’ll be experiencing that exquisite, energetic buzz for hours to come!

These hybrids are very easy to grow and they can be cultivated both indoor and outdoor. It can have a height of about 60 cm (give or take a few centimeters). Green Crack Seeds provide a decent amount of yield and take about 8-9 weeks to start flowering.

Green Crack is perfect for people that love fruit. The main flavor and aroma of this cannabis is of tart citrus with a touch of earthiness and spicy scent of mango at the end. As we said earlier, Green Crack hits you hard and fast. It has about 20% THC content and a low CBD.

These two values make these seeds perfect for patient suffering from chronic fatigue or stress and depression. Green Crack works on a cerebral level and speeds up your neurons which are the reason why there’s no better way to focus your energies than Green Crack.

Where to buy Green Crack marijuana seeds?

Seedbank Seeds  Price
10 Fem USD $149

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