Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold

There is a reason why seasoned Cannabis hunters make their way to Malawi, Africa. These seeds are named Gold since these are some of the rarest cannabis seeds in the world.

Not only is it hard to find but it is also a highly evolved variety that is supremely resistant to mold, making it one of the most adaptable strains in the world today. It is pure sativa land race meaning that its characteristics are more or less consistent through and through, making this strain even more exclusive than it already is. Even though they take a while to cross the flowering phase but the entire waiting phase that accompanies the Malawi Gold Seeds is very much worth it. Add to it its sweet and pineapple like aroma and one of a kind flavor makes it one of the finest and the most sought after strains in the world.


Where to buy Malawi Gold marijuana seeds?

Seedbank Seeds  Price
10 Auto Flower USD $60


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  1. Don Wicker says:

    How long is delivery to Arkansas, USA and cost

  2. admin says:

    Shipping should take between one and two weeks to the USA as they are send from The Netherlands.

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