Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds For Sale

The most popular ones are White Widow, Northern Lights, Shiva Shanti. Have a look at the top 5 here below. These strains are sold best and many people know about this high producing marijuana seeds. If you want to buy just click the order button for more information


White Widow The white widow strain is the strongest weed in the world. The have so much THC on them that it is hard to see the bud at all. The high is extreme and the taste divine. It has won more cups than any before. On the top list of all Dutch coffeeshop’s in Amsterdam. A must have strain.

White Widow

Northern Lights Northern lights has big broad leaves and large crystal covered buds, with strong hashy taste. This is not a big plant growing to about 1.5 m outdoors. It’s good for the indoor grower. It’s a classic plant and one of the most smoked and grown in Holland.

Northern Lights

Big Bud Big Bud is Winner of the Cannabis Cup in 1989 as the best marijuana strains. A must for the grower with high ambitious intentions, The yield of this marijuana strain is legendary, producing massive buds with very few leaves. The smoke is smooth and the high is very strong. Will produce more than any other plant in the same space. Usually the lower branches collapse under the weight of the buds. One of the world’s finest marijuana strains and you can have them.

Buy Big Bud Marijuana Seeds

Purple Strain Purple Weed has lovely purple buds on this plant give it a special taste and smell. It is a powerful strain with sativa overtones. It is a very hardy plant and can be grown outdoors in the worst climates. Its ancestors are Hollands Hope crossed with Skunk#1. A powerful high sativa odor.

Purple Power

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