How To Control The Smell Of Your Marijuana Plants

A very important issue when growing your own cannabis is to prevent too much smell in and around your grow room


What you’ll definitely need when indoor marijuana growing is odor control. One thing you do not want is neighbors that get suspicious. Most people that get caught is because the neighbors start to complain because of the smell from your grow room You can simply overcome this problem to use active carbon filters.

The carbon filters are easy to implement to your own Indoor Garden If you look at the picture of the grow room setup you’ll see how clever it works.

marijuana closet with filter system

Marijuana Filter System

The smallest one on the Can Fan filter Family picture is perfect enough for small indoor gardens (max. 2 square meter).

Marijuana filters

Odor Control Filters

Carbon Filters are activated carbon filters designed to remove volatile organic compounds from the air. A variety of sizes are available to fit everyone’s personal needs.

The activated carbon within the CAN Filter removes 99.5% of all volatiles from the air.

The filter size required for you application will depend on the amount of air flow required for your application. Two rules of thumb are to maintain an air flow that is eight to ten times the total volume of your vented space per hour, or, for indoor growing applications, 150 CFM per 1000 watt light bulb

Get one fast it’s really worth the money.

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