Purple Haze – Marijuana Seeds


This is the older, famous strain of the 70`s, of Mexican, Columbian, south Indian, and Thai origin.

It is mostly sativa, with a very creeping, spacey, cerebral stoner high.

The leaves and stalks are a medium-green in color, and the buds are a deep, dark purple – almost black, which darken as they dry.The resin/trichome development is awesome.

This plant loves to grow tall and leggy. It develops to 6` – 8`, with the typical sativa stretch.

It has a great peppermint taste, and an odor reminiscent of chlorophyl or new-mown grass.

The name is a matter of great debate – some believe to this day that this is the strain that the guitarist Jimmy Hendrix sang of…

Purple Haze truly lives up to its name – a great, hazy, uplifting high!


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