White Rhino

White Rhino (fem)
White Rhino…  a Cultivators Choice!

Calling White Rhino a cultivator’s bread and butter might not be that much of an overstatement. These seeds are another one of the all times best cannabis strains coming from the one and only White Widow.

Mysterious Mix of Strains

The genetics of the seed are a little mysterious. Some people say that the strain was created by combining White Widow and an unknown strain from North America. The plant has heritage of Afghan, Brazilian and Indian. This weed from Green House seed is extremely popular for being one of the highest yielding cannabis strains in the world.

Great Yielder

When grown indoors, the plant can produce a yield up to 900 G/M2 per plant. On the other hand, when the plant is grown outdoors, it can produce a mind-boggling 1200 G/M2 per plant. The plant can complete flowering in 9 weeks. Following the flowering phase, you will have to wait for about two weeks for the onset of white crystals. After that, the plants are ready for harvest.

High THC and Great for Medical Purposes

Moreover, it is a little heavy on the potency side with THC content reaching 20% and an extremely low CBD and CBN of 1%. White Rhino is extensively used medically to cure physical pains and relieve stress, anxiety, depression and reduce chances of migraines. This strain contains the best of both worlds and comes highly recommended by both its users as well as breeders.

Where to buy White Rhino marijuana seeds?

Seedbank Seeds  Price
10 Fem USD $109

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