Everything you Need To Know About White Widow

White WidowIt is a well known strain and has been very popular for quite some time.

It’s famous for the enormous amount of white resins on the buds and top of the leaves. It’s snowy white THC crystal hairs that will make you drool when you’re just looking at it.

White widow has also a high percentage of THC. Green House Seeds started breeding white widow in the 90’s by mixing a Brazilian sativa with a South Indian Indica. It’s still a very popular strain in the Dutch coffeeshops together with Super Skunk.

It also won the Cannabis Cup of 1995. THC levels can surpas the 20% and these days many breeders have white widow in their collection. That means not every strain will be the same from different breeders and there are also price differences between them.

Nirvana has been selling their own WW for a long time and they offer them at the most affordable cost. However if you want to go with the original you have to buy them from GreenHouse seeds themselves. But they seem to carry only the feminized version and an Auto grow of the WW.


Medical Effect

WW medical experience


  • THC – !9%
  • Yield – indoor 450 – 500 grams per m2 and outdoor 550 – 600 grams per plant.
  • Flowering time – 8 – 9 weeks
  • Height – indoor: 60 – 100 cm and out door up to 2 meters.
  • Type – Sativa 50%  Indica 50%
  • Effect: A strong bodily high

There is also a femized version of the white widow. It will be a good option if you want to save time in order to preventing to pick out all the male plants and ave the risk to have seeds in your buds which in turn would make your buds less potent.

The feminized white widow needs approximately 9 weeks to grow from seed to flower and harvest. It’s a pretty steady to grow strain that is also suitable for beginners.

You can grow this strain also outdoors but that depends on the weather and country where you live. If you have hot and long summers it would be a good option. When growing outdoors the plant can reach quite a height and a kilo of buds to harvest from just one plant is possible but not as easy.

The smoking effect is reported to be high with a tiny tast as lemonish, it has a dominant sativa feel over it which gives a pleasant high and at the same time a strong overal body sensation.


Where to buy?

Here are some seed shops that sell white widow marijuana

Ilovegrowingmarijuana – 10 Seeds for USD $79.00 and stealth shipping is for FREE!

And many more if you search in Google. Check our seed banks page to see which websites you can trust.

Customer reviews

Leafly has many users that gave a smoke report of the white widow. It surely is recommended that you visit the site to get an overal feel for this strain.

There are many reviews of the seedbanks itself to but sometimes i don’t trust them. It’s better to check out the forums and grow journals to give a better opinion.

White Widow Grow Journals

White Widow Led Grow

White Widow Led Grow









White Widow 400 HPS

Lowlife White Widow Outgrow under 400 Watts

Lowlife White Widow Outgrow under 400 Watts


White Widow - Dinafem







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  1. Jonathan paul white says:

    Jonathan p white,I would like to ask about the black INDICIA auto,was does it
    Was great tell it changes color in to yellow leaves I wish I could of safe her but some thing went backwards can anyone let me know more about it.

  2. White widow my favorite strain, along super haze 😉

  3. B Mac says:

    I am on day 31 from the seedling and was told at 8 weeks to put it into a 12 and 12 light cycle this is my first time growing but two of my plants are about 15 inches and the other5 are about 13 inches but the two that are tallest branch out just above the potting soil are so bushy already they are so full of branchs reaching out and the othere ones are very few branches, I would love to send photos but I am computer dumb and do not know how I can text a picture that’s all I know how to do

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