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Willie Nelson Seeds Origins

If you are someone who loves music, then you have, without a doubt heard of Willie Nelson. One of the best country singers of his time, he was never really into marijuana but then things changed when he tries an unusual strain of marijuana.

He loved that strain, so much so that he decided to buy the rights to that particular strain and decided to name it after himself, much to the surprise of the people. Thus, ever since then the strain, created from the cross between the Vietnamese Black and the Highland Nepalese, was known as the Willie Nelson Seeds.

Premium Sativa Strain with Spicy Flavor

Its users have described this strain as the sort that has a sweet and spicy flavor going for it, with a little hint of lemon grass in the mix. This strain is rather old school and has been in circulation for quite a while, being a premium quality Sativa with a high THC level. This plant responds well to both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Long Flowering Time But Sativa’s Gives a Great High Feeling

But, given the requirement for really sunny climate and a flowering phase that takes 10 to 14 weeks to complete, this strain is mostly planted indoors. Indoor cultivation does impact the height of the plant to some extent, but the quality of the strain is not compromised in any way at all.

A Must Have if You Like a Good Sativa Strain

As mentioned earlier, this strain has a rather high THC level. But, unlike what most people would think, the effect of its high THC level is more eye opening that anything else. It gives its users the much needed creative and artistic boost, helping them excel at whatever they are trying their hand at. Additionally, its medicinal properties are through the roof as well, helping people suffering from depression, migration and even glaucoma. This strain is good for both mind and soul and its large fan-base applauds it all the time.

Where to buy Willie Nelson marijuana seeds?

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