Black Jack

Black Jack strainBlack Jack Seeds were supposedly produced in Seattle, United States and they were brought to Netherlands afterwards at which point, they started to take off.

This strain is a combination of Black Domina and Jock Horror. Domina and Horror are individually famous for their strong smell and hard-hitting flavor and when you combine them, the result is just out of this world. Not only that, put its medicinal properties are completely amazing as well. Most people buying these seeds are looking for a natural solution for physical pain which includes spinal as well as chronic pain.

The plants typically grow into hard buds with large, oval-shaped calyxes that are literally covered with THC. Plants grown under specific climatic conditions can have even larger buds. But, if you didn’t already know, these formed colas are not for the faint of heart.

One smoke of these buds with its pungent smell will leave you in such a long lasting high that will take you on a smooth journey to another dimension. These plants usually grow up to an average height and need about 65-75 days to complete the flowering process. Like most cannabis seeds out there, Black Jack is also able to grow fine in both indoor and outdoor environments and can easily be handled by both first-time breeder as well as veterans in the field.

Where to buy Black Jack marijuana seeds?

Seedbank Seeds  Price
10 Fem USD $48

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