ChronicChronic seeds are the definition of evolution in the field of cannabis. This strain is an enhanced mixture of AK-47, Skunk and the Northern Lights. Chronic marijuana was first bred in the year of 1994 and ever since, it has been heavily improved, refined and treated for medical purposes.

The seeds aren’t just used to treat minor health problems like anxiety, stress and insomnia, they can also be used to control mental diseases that can cause a person to inflict harm on their own body. It is highly used on patients with Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune diseases and even Parkinson. You might have even seen videos in which patients punching themselves instantly stop as soon as they take a single breath of cannabis. Yes, that cannabis is mostly made from Chronic.

Chronic have been highly engineered to increase yield and better the quality of the product. Chronic plants have a TNC level of 26% so they are much stronger than Chemdawg. Flowering time is usually eight to nine weeks. The strain produce a much better yield when produced outdoors as compared to indoor. Moreover, outdoor plants are more than twice the height of plants grown indoors.

Where to buy Chronic marijuana seeds?

Seedbank Seeds  Price
10 Fem USD $57
10 Fem USD $58


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