Edelweiss budEdelweiss (meaning Noble White) was named after the exquisite flower that grows on the high Alps of Switzerland.

The Edelweiss also has the same star-shaped leaves and thick white coating on top of the leaflets as the flower from the Alps. The seeds are a blend of Hindku Kush, North Indian and Skunk strains.

Edelweiss packs a huge punch of Indica but it also has a side hint of Sativa which gives it an amazing touch. It is also an easy plant to grow. Pros and amateur both will be able to produce high quality weed plants because they don’t require much work.

The flowering buds have a lime and earthy taste with a candy-like finish. These plants are perfect to cure insomnia, relax your muscles and even bring your appetite back.

It used for the same purposes medically as it used for by individuals. This strain is purely meant to relax your body and it might even indulge the user in a couchlock high.

So, even though you may not feel entirely creative following a single puff, sleeping like a baby all through the night will certainly make up for it.

These plants can be grown both indoor and outdoor. The flowering time is around 50-56 days and the leaves are star shaped and have a coating of white resin. The plant can grow up to a height of 140 centimeters and it has a THC percentage of 14-16%. They have a moderate yield rate of about 450-500 gram per meter square, making sure that you can never go wrong with these seeds.

Where to buy Edelweiss marijuana seeds?

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