Girl Scout Cookies

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES SEEDS (20 SEEDS)The seeds are very well used for medical purposes as well as for pleasure. With it’s high THC level of above 20% and it’s purplish colored buds the strain has become very popular amongst professional growers. It can help again depression, aches, stress and sleeping problems.


It has a chocolatey taste to it and an minthy after taste. That’s why they come up with the name girls scout cookies 🙂 It’s rather short plant with a short flowering time. It produces nice big crystal buds that turn purplish at the end of the flowering period. The flowering period is between 65 – 70 days and produces around 450 / 550 grams per m2. Mainly to grow indoors but in summer time outdoor would be possible but not optimal. It’s a good for medical patients and it’s an indica / sativa hybride. The seeds are regular.


Where to buy Girl Scout Cookies marijuana seeds?

Seedbank Seeds  Price
10 Fem USD $139
10 Fem USD $99
20 USD $86



GSC Seeds for sale from



With a strong smell and a great buzz this strain is the ultimate energy keeper. A sweet taste with an earthy base. It’s much loved the those that have tried it. The reviews are 5 out of 5 stars from the reviewers that submitted a review to the site. The seeds are selling for $93,92 for 10 seeds at the moment of this writing. It can increase it’s yield up to 750 per square meter and can even grown outdoors. The height of the marijuana plant will be 120 cm and outdoors up to 240 cm. Flowering time is listed between 8 and 9 weeks. Sativa is mainly dominant here with 60% and 40% left for the indica. Check the reviews and ratings and you will be wanting this popular strain one day. Check it out on A trusted companion from us

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The Best GSC from is selling these for a long time. It’s a very popular strain and this particular bunch of seeds are feminized that saves you the hassle of removing the males and the chance of producing seeds in your buds as you don’t want that. 17 reviews giving it a 5 star by their previous customers. It’s a bit pricy.. it is for sale for around $110 for 10 seeds. You can trust this seedbank as it is in business for over ten years already.

Ilovegrowingmarijuana seedshop has been around for a couple of years and has become one the most popular seed banks around these days. Affordable prices and good customer service makes it a trustable online shop for many. These seeds are one of the best sellers and you can buy 10 feminized seeds for around $139 at this time of writing. 6 customer reviews giving it a 5 star rating. Be sure to check them out.


Here’s an information video about the girl scout cookies strain on – Featuring over 400 ratings.strain review of girl scout cookies

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